29 April 2011: Irish Independent: Investors at IL&P are urged to fight for their stake
31 March 2011: RTE interview with Patrick Honohan, the Governor of the Central Bank of Ireland:

Selected excerpts:

About the goal to overcapitalise banks:

“And, in addition, what we are doing now with this proposed very high capital amount is to over-, if you like, overcapitalise the banking system to an extent that provides absolute reassurance to the markets that this is enough capital. And I think we’ll find that the markets believe that.”

About the unrealistic, exaggerated conservatism of the bank stress tests aimed at satisfying the market:

“It’s really, it’s gone beyond the point of trying to establish that we're happy that, that no additional money will be needed [for the banks]. What we need to do is to convince the market. And I think by taking these outside analysts who have a very sceptical view, who have a very distant view of the Irish economy and have collected all the detailed information; I think by having them lay out their very, very conservative, I think exaggeratedly, almost, conservative methods on top of the macroeconomic stresses that we’re assuming, I think that will - and, and we’ll see very soon - that the market will be convinced by that.”

“We don’t actually think those losses will occur, we don’t actually think the repossessions will occur. What we’re trying to do is explore a possible pessimistic scenario so that the market, investors out there, will say: even if that very bad thing - which we don’t think is likely - happens, the banks will be OK. So that’s by no means the Central Bank’s forecast for what will happen - far from it.”

About the likely dilution of the current shareholders by the Irish Government:

“[The banks] will remain available for investment by private shareholders on, on sensible, realistic terms.”
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